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ThermoCare® is the #1 choice

for faster recovery using EVEN, enveloped heat WITHOUT HOTSPOTS!

ThermoCare offers Warming Intensive Care System (ICS) Units providing the best possible environmental care for small animals, which aid in the care and management of sick, recovering, or chronically ill animals through the use of our patented “Safe Heat,” water-lined design.

 Our products have been used by responsible Veterinarians, Researchers, Breeders and Pet Owners for over thirty years to prevent or lessen the debilitating effects of hypothermia in all newborns, convalescents and post-surgical patients, or those that may be in respiratory distress. ThermoCare’s water-jacketed Warmer Intensive Care Systems (ICS) are the safest, most reliable, and versatile animal incubators available.

Customers choose ThermoCare over other brands because of the patented design which provides, even, moist heat without hot spots. This has proven, for many, to speed recovery times with better results.

Baby owl in recovery.

DW-1 Incubator With Accessories


NEW & Improved Floors
NEW Lighted Digital Thermostats
NEW Custom Stainless Steel Thermistors
NEW & Improved Heating Insulation
What the ThermoCare Intensive Care Units Can Do
ThermoCare Products Are Ideal For:


Owners and Breeders

Wildlife Rehabilitators and Rescue

Universities and Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

The flat cover is used for small animals like tiny kittens, puppies or rodents. The dome covered units are used for other types of small animals that may need more head room. Once you choose the style of cover to best fit your needs, the Warmer will serve you for many years as a Portable Intensive Care System, an Oxygen Cage, or a Post-Operative Recovery Warming Unit to speed recovery times. Optional accessories provide a way to introduce oxygen, additional humidity or ambient air. The adjustable vented handport covers are located on the top of both the flat and dome tops and, when open, discourage buildup of heat, humidity, and CO2. Once The Dome Cover on the small unit provides a 15-inch compartment height while the Flat Cover has 6.5 inches of headroom.


If the smaller unit doesn’t fit your needs, Thermocare offers 33 x 42 inch cages that have 3-4 times the capacity of the smaller one — capable of holding up to an 80-pound dog! 


No motor fan is needed. Motor fans could actually ignite the oxygen being supplied to the unit with the smallest of sparks, so Thermocare units do not use or supply motor fans. The air within the ThermoCare small animal veterinary incubator, and the heated water lining in the Warmer, are both naturally circulated by convection currents.


Positive feedback inspires the ThermoCare Team to provide personal service to each customer – and that’s what makes this partial list of repeat customers impressive: Harvard University Medical School, Cleveland Metro Park Zoo, Food and Drug Administration, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Buffalo Zoo, Stanford University, and University of California , Davis – among many others!


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