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About ThermoCare® Portable Animal Intensive Care Units

The History of Our Water-Lined Therapy Warmers

Trusted by veterinarians, breeders, laboratories, and research facilities for more than 35 years, ThermoCare ICS Units and Respiratory Therapy Cages offer high quality environmental care.  ThermoCare ICS Units are a clinical necessity in the immediate provision of heat and oxygen to traumatized animals, animals in shock, and for post-surgical recuperation. These patented, state-of-the-art warmers serve as safe and secure incubators, whelping boxes, and recovery chambers.

ThermoCare Founder Lee Cunningham of Incline Village, Nevada began developing the ThermoCare warmer in 1975 after a litter of the Burmese kittens she bred suffered from Feline Infectious Peritonitus (FIP), a viral, and often fatal, disease. After months of replenishing hot water bottles every two hours for her ailing kittens, she discovered the need for better intensive care technology and set out to fulfill that need for breeders and animal caregivers everywhere.

The result was the beginning of ThermoCare intensive care units, which have been manufactured since 1978, and were patented on June 1, 1982. Since 1978, Lee has been a widely recognized and highly respected member of the Veterinary Medical community and the American Association of Laboratory Animal Sciences. She has traveled the nation to show her invention to veterinarians and researchers and upgrade her product knowledge through annual attendance at a variety of industry trade shows and conventions—many of you may even have met her at a show! In 2008 Lee decided to retire and sold her business.

Continuing her tradition with equal passion and integrity, Tripp Enterprises upholds the standards established by Lee, appreciated by our customers, and expected by our industry while continuing to upgrade and modernize.

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