Baby Fox Recuperating in ThermoCare DW-1

Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network

“Our two current Thermocare units allow us to effectively deliver both supplemental oxygen and incubator style heat simultaneously or individually, depending on patient needs, in a flexible and easy to monitor space. The clear dome style, when used with a top covering, allows us to monitor wild patients inconspicuously to minimize stress. The convection heat style of the units allows safer, more effective heating than utilizing heating pads and maintains moisture far better than a traditional, forced-air incubator. The removable dividers allow us to house multiple small patients in one unit when needed or to use the whole unit for a larger patient, up to pelican size for the largest unit. We have had great success rehabilitating some of our more critical patients of a wide variety of wildlife species in these units. Given the low cost compared to other critical care units on the market, it would be difficult to find many better options available for a wildlife or other non-profit facility.”


— Avery Berkowitz, DVM Director of Animal Care Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network

VA Health Care System

“We have been using the ThermoCare water jacketed warmer (rodent recovery cage) for 25 years now. We like this unit a lot. We use it for post-op rat care with oxygen and a humidifier. We also bought a nebulizer/O2 therapy cage for our post-op rabbits because we liked this unit so much. Before we got this unit we had post-surgical complications. With the use of this warmer those complications disappeared.”

— Susan, VA Health Care System

Bobcat recuperating in Thermocare Unit

The Louisiana Bobcat Refuge

“The Louisiana Bobcat Refuge Is a proud recipient of a Thermocare incubator gifted to us after the unexpected 100 year flooding in Louisiana. This unit has been a life saver for us. We use it for thermoregulating the temperature of neonates to aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. We’ve used the unit after auto accidents involving bobcats where shock and brain swelling is involved after sub-q and with zoonotic diseases that can either dramatically decrease or increase a rescue felids core temperature to life threatening levels. Thermocare is a must. No worries about heating pads turning off or an animal accidentally biting a cord or the temperature being inconsistent. Thermocare is a lifesaver, and a necessity.”

— PK Connery

Airport Animal Emergency Hospital

“We really find a lot of value in these water-lined incubators, we use them every day.

We use them for c-sections, congestive heart failure, pneumonia, breathing difficulty, injuries, reviving puppies and warming.

A lot of cages you cannot see into them so every time you have to check on a patient you are letting your oxygen out. Since the ThermoCare dome is clear on the sides, you can check on the animals without opening the door.

We love these units because you don’t have to drag your oxygen machine over to the cage. Put the animal in, turn the oxygen on, and you’re done.

We keep our units on carts so that we can wheel them around. At 2:00 am there is only one vet and one technician here. Since we have oxygen outlets everywhere, we can just wheel them to the room where the staff is so that they can keep an eye on them.

If we have a small kitten or animal, we raise up the height of the bedding so that from across the room we can just look over  to check on them.

 Since the units can be moved, owners can visit their oxygen dependant patients.

Thank you ThermoCare!”

— Linda Hawks, Airport Animal Emergency Hospital, Euless, Texas